Where to stay in Budapest best solution

Budapest is one of the most visited cities in Europe. It is the perfect mix of historical sights, blooming gastro culture and excellent night life.

Tourism in Budapest has been on rise since the past decade and it doesn’t seem like stopping. With so many tourists coming to the capital of Hungary, one needs a good place to stay during his/hers holiday. If someone asks where to stay in the city of Budapest often the answer is a good aparthotel. These types of hotels have many benefits and are considered a real good compromise between the high costs of great hotel chains and the low standards of newly founded airbn flats. The best way to find a good aparthotel is considering the proximity to the center of the city. The downtown of Budapest contains almost 90% of the tourist attractions, but it is relatively far from the suburbs. So it is imperative to stay close to the hub of the capital, if you want to save time with transportation. This way you can definetaly sqeeze in a few more activites during your stay.

where to stay in budapest

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