Reasons to study in Budapest as an international student

máj 24, 2022 | Test és lélek

Beside the fact that it’s a beautiful city and there are many sights to see, the capital of Hungary is full of opportunities, especially when you are young and still studying. As an international student, Budapest can give you a lot, so it’s worth visiting. Let’s see the reasons why you should be a university student in this big city.

Party places

I know as a student you need to focus on your studies. But I also know that students love partying and they also need it to make new friends and relationships. Well Budapest has many great places in the city center. Whether you like dancing, singing karaoke or just hanging out and chatting with your friends, I’m sure you can find your favourite place of the city.

student hotel Budapest

Great accomodation options

When you are about to move to a foreign country, the hardest part is finding a good place to stay. Well in case of the capital of Hungary this is not a problem to worry about. There is a great student hotel in the heart of Budapest that provides everything that a student needs. Cool rooms, your own kitchen and bathroom, a rooftop and it’s close to everything.


Many students want to work beside university, because nothing is free. Budapest can offer pretty good jobs for students as well. You just need to know what you would like to do and apply for a job. You can work in restaurants, shops or also in offices. And don’t worry, you will be able to manage studying and working at the same time. The employers know that students have classes, so they make the schedule accordingly.

Extra reason: You can try to learn the beautiful but really difficult Hungarian language.